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STORAGE: Let’s talk about the storage. Lunar™ is stocked with storage space! Starting with the bench located at the foot of the bed is a raising cushion exposing a vast amount of storage space perfect for shoes and more! Moving to the seats below the desk.. These are awesome! Lift the cushion and you will find more storage space! I know you see the cabinets, did you notice the key-pad safe in it? Yea that’s right, we thought of it all! Sleep in peace when you sleep in Lunar™. Can’t forget about the bookshelf, fill it as you go, fill it to pick from. Lunar™ has a large amount of space for all your read needs. Not a reader? More storage!

SPEAKERS AND MORE: BOOM BOOM BOOM! Blast your favorite song with our High-quality Bluetooth speakers on Lunar One™ that can connect to any bluetooth device! Sound adjustment buttons are located right next to the Bedside Lamp! With an integrated dimmer you can adjust the brightness of the lamp to your liking! Totally customizable! You can move the lamp to hang over your sleep space or your adjustable desk located right next to you on Lunar One™.

CHARGING: Everyone needs battery and not having battery is totally the worst! We AGREE and with that being said you can find two (2) outlets and two (2) USB ports! Not only does Lunar One™ come with outlets and USB ports, it free’s up all your rooms wall outlets! Nobody loves when their wires are running across the room, right?

MASSAGE CHAIR: Okay, we went that far. Lunar One™ has a built-in multimode massage chair with an adjustable headrest. Health and Wellness is always deserved, so is a massage! With an attached remote control you can adjust the power of your full body massage while laying back on the comfortable form of the massage chair.

MATERIALS: Lunar One™ is made with 100% cruelty free materials. Below the soft, luxurious European Linen Lunar One™ has a strong skeleton being made from sustainable oak wood. Flowing through Lunar’s™ build you will find sustainable oak wood in many place such as the desk, bookshelf, storage units, and under your mattress for the bed slats.