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We knew there was an opportunity to flip the plain and boring sleeping industry upside down. With every company aiming to sell you the same mattress, we decided to focus on the forgotten bed frame. After countless hours of brainstorming we finally figured it out, Lunar.

Prioritizing customer experience and creating a product based on your needs, we bring to you the new industry standard in technologically advanced living. Lunar’s attention has been caught by the ever evolving world of tech and comfort. Combining the two, we are teaching sleepers about the harmonization we have created for the ultimate sleeping experience. Whether, you're lounging after a long day, playing video games, or binge watching the latest season of your favorite series, this bed was made for you!

If you’re like most people, you’re active when you sleep. You begin the night constricted by your mattress and TV, not anymore. Lunar uses industry revolutionizing accessories to liven up your night. Speakers, Lights, Massage Chair, Desk and more!